The site remains in TOP10 for a long time, but suddenly it falls

The site remains in TOP10 for a long time, but suddenly it falls, let's say Fr. 10-20 down position. This can be explained somehow?

Such a sudden drop in position is quite a common situation during website positioning.

The first common reason is significant zmiana w treści lub strukturze strony. Several dozen changes in the position of the page located high to positioned phrases may take place, for example, as a result of changing link symbols. This often happens when the CMS supplying the website is changed. If during such a change, the programmer does not predict the need to redirect old addresses to new ones and does not consult a specialist for. positioning and optimization means a drop of several dozen positions is completely natural.

Kolejnymi powodami spadku pozycji może być znacząca change in the content of the website, mistakenly blocking a part of the website for search engine robots, pojawienie się an encoding problem (applies to key phrases with Polish letters).

Druga zasadnicza grupa powodów tak dużego i nagłego spadku pozycji związana jest z a technique used during website positioning. Podstawowe dwa pojęcia z którymi należy wiązać nagły spadek pozycji spowodowany przez pozycjonowanie to stosowanie rotary link exchange systems by, which are possible very drastic fluctuations in the number of links and the imposition of a filter by the search engine itself for the use of unethical positioning techniques and activities inconsistent with the search engine's guidelines. In these cases, the person responsible for positioning the page in search engines is responsible for a sudden drop in position.

There is also a third situation, w której może mieć miejsce opisany w pytani spadek pozycji. This can happen with new pages. Każda nowo powstała strona dostaje na krótki okres swego rodzaju kupon promocyjny od wyszukiwarki, which consists in artificially increasing the position of a new page in order to make it easier for Internet users to present themselves. After this short, in the initial period of increased positions, there is a significant decrease to the natural level resulting from the number of links coming to the website and its content and structure.