Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

Very often we are not aware of it, that we can facilitate and speed up our work on the computer using the boon keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Just spend a few, several minutes for the basic ones (That is …a few), and a mouse damaged at the least appropriate moment will not be an obstacle to finishing it, co zaczęliśmy pisać lub też przeglądać… Here are a few, according to me, most useful to start with :

Keyboard Shortcuts przydatne podczas korzystania z programów pakietu ms Office Windows t.j. Word, Excel

  • Ctrl + C : copying
  • Ctrl + X : cutting
  • Ctrl + V : pasting
  • Ctrl + A : marking
  • Ctrl + Z : undo (…when we want to undo the last operation)
  • Ctrl + B : bold
  • Ctrl + U : stress
  • Ctrl + I : italics (font slant)

Practically taking shortcuts, consists in simultaneously pressing the corresponding keys on the computer keyboard with the fingers of the left hand.


If we want to copy some text from one place of our article to another, we must:

-select a piece of text, which interests us,

-use Ctrl+C shortcut (nacisnąć jednocześnie lewy klawisz Ctrl i klawisz C,

-then place the cursor in place, where will be the beginning of the pasted text,

-use Ctrl+V shortcut (nacisnąć jednocześnie lewy klawisz Ctrl i klawisz V.

After a short period of use, fingers “same” they line up on the right keys and it becomes a very useful habit. Osobiście ze keyboard shortcuts korzystam od wielu lat.