Server rooms - colocation service

In modern times, you systematically hear about IT solutions, that exist on the market, but not everyone knows what these services are based on. The most interesting of these services is undoubtedly server hoteling. It is more and more common and it can be used not only by enterprises but also individual units. There is also another definition related to hoteling, which we would like to pay special attention to in our article. This issue is the server room. So let's see what they are and what the two services have in common.

Server colocation

To start, let's recall what we call server colocation and how it works. Collocation is a service, which is based on the purchase or rent of space in the server room. This service is extremely popular with companies. To use the colocation service, it is enough to have your own server and find a company on the net, which offers a colocation service at a convenient price in its server room.

Server room and collocation

Why is the server room service associated with the colocation service?? You could say,that we gave you the answer to this question when we talked about collocation, but let's introduce the server room tasks a little more precisely. The use of it evidently removes some necessity, namely having your own server room. Server rooms must meet certain conditions, that they can be accepted for use and safe for the equipment, what is placed inside. There are many companies, that do not have the space or funds to build a private server room, therefore server colocation is the most appropriate solution for them. The costs of renting and even buying a server room are undoubtedly lower than building a new server space in your company. Another plus is that, organizations that provide server rooms supervise devices for this purpose, making, that our data on the server is safe.

The collocation offer is extremely easy to find online. More and more companies put up their offers with increasingly competitive prices. However, it is still necessary to deliver a private server to the premises, in which the company providing the services is located, therefore, customers most often choose these, which are close to their companies.