IPX / SPX network protocols, NetBEUI, AppleTalk

What exactly are the little known IPX / SPX network protocols - NetBEIUI - AppleTalk. Read this material and you will understand everything.

The Novell IPX / SPX network protocols are named after their main protocols: IPX - inter-network packet exchange (Internet Packet Exchange) and sequential exchange of SPX packets (Sequential Packet Exchange).

The IPX / SPX protocol has gained great fame as the protocol used in Novell NetWare networks. The NetWare protocol has been the network standard of the operating system in local area networks in the years 90 twentieth century. The IPX protocol is similar to IP, that is, it is a connectionless protocol, the task of which is to acknowledge each transmitted packet. The IPX protocol always supports the SPX protocol for sequencing and other connection services. ipx-spxThe SPX protocol is a connection protocol that ensures data transmission. SPX ensures reliable IPX transmission, where it manages the connection and organizes the next packets. IPX / SPX protocols include 4 functional layers:

  • Access to the media
  • Data link
  • Internet
  • Application


The primary application layer protocol is the NetWare core protocol (PCN). NCP can be used for printing, file sharing, e-mail and directory access.

Protocol NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface)

Created by the well-known computer company IBM. It is a small but powerful communication protocol. You do not need to enter any information in it during setup, and by means of broadcast communicators, an automatic search for computers present in the network takes place. This protocol can be used in local networks, where the Microsoft operating system is installed. This type of protocol identifies computers by name and cannot be routed. It was used as standard in the Windows network 3.11 i Windows 95.



It is a set of communication protocols developed by the American giant Apple Computer. It gives us the ability to create computer networks and standard network services for Macintosh computers. AppleTalk devices constantly announce their names across the network. All client stations receive a list of available devices, which gives us the opportunity to choose the device, with which he intends to exchange data. Apple stopped developing this type of protocol and today uses TCP / IP in its products.

When it comes to the most famous network operating systems, such as: Novell NetWare, MS Windows Server and Linux / Unix systems.