The concept of a computer system

Witam Cię w dziale COMPUTER SYSTEMS poruszymy w nim kilka ciekawych informacji.

Undoubtedly, the operating system is closely related to the architecture of the computer. After starting the OS computer, I perform the first stage - initialization. Then the so-called. break (from the software). Each interrupt has its own handling system, (various events can generate interrupts, by sending the relevant information to the processor.)

With these interrupts, that's what it is about,that the processor after receiving the interrupt signal, I'm suspending the current task, goes to the interrupt handler, and returns to the interrupted task when finished.

There are two interrupt handling mechanisms. Remark: I mean the method of passing information where the interrupt handler is located. The first is a general or specific call to the interrupt description, and the second is the interrupt vector, however, the number of interrupts must be known (this is due to certain limitations).

Hope I wasn't too confusing:). If so, please read it again.:).

How do you know where the interrupted task is?? Well, the information is stored e.g.. on the system stack, Here it is worth mentioning about interrupt masking - it is simply hiding other interrupts and executing only one at a time.

The operating system is now interrupt-driven, when an interrupt is detected, the hardware passes control to the operating system. – (Caution: See and pay attention here necessarily to the link between the computer architecture and the operating system).

Then SO I try to figure out what the interrupt was. - In S0 there are separate pieces of code responsible for each type of interrupt that arises.