Personalization of documents

About thirty-eight million people live in present-day Poland, this is not a huge number considering the population of countries like America, China, or India, however, when we consider the structure of state operation, it is this figure that makes a great impression.

In our text, we describe one of the most important systems , with the help of which a country consisting of such enormous units will be able to work properly.
Document personalization is about giving a document individual characteristics for each person, the best example is an ID card, which is a compulsory type of document for every citizen Polish after the age of eighteen.
Individual characteristics as a result of which the proof acquires appropriate values are information about the person trying, e.g.. name, surname, ID number as well as a photo. The method responsible for placing the data on the document is laser engraving and the biometric method, which performs the function of protection (biometrics measures the human species in order to specify its characteristics, which is why it has been used in the verification of the identity of documents ,as well as identification)
Any document with legal value, e.g.. passport, proof of registration, driving license .
Due to the development of computer science, we also have the option of giving specific features to any documents using different fonts, also graphic elements such as bitmap(it consists of a set of bits so that it is possible to reproduce graphic elements), as well as vector graphics elements.
This method is more and more often used by enterprises with the intention of more effective promotion of their activities on the market.