Document personalization - document management

Personalization and management are two points, basically related to paper documentation as well as to electronic documentation. Mostly, documentation management is associated with activities such as e.g.. sorting or storage. The personalization process is a slightly different topic from the aforementioned documentation management process. This activity is more focused on the holders of the selected documents. When using a photocopier to photocopy an evidence or making copies of any evidence, we are personalized. Te dwa tematy przedstawimy w sposób takiż, for everyone to know their roles and impact.

1. Document management - from the point of view of every IT specialist, file administration on a computerized device is nothing more than organizing them, cataloging as well as collecting. Documentation in digital version is managed much more freely than paper documents. On the Internet you can also find various programs that automate individual activities and repositories, where we can place personal files at any time. However, looking at the documents in the paper version, we will see slightly different dependencies. In order to properly manage documents in this form, we must have a specially designated place and employees, who will deal with it. Increasingly, units are resigning from paper documentation in favor of the electronic version, because IT assumptions largely adapt their luxury of work. Electronic documentation is also more secure on several computers than paper documentation in several dozen folders.