We turn on the computer, and an information appears on the screen of our monitor: "NTLDR is missing" or "NTLDR is missing" What to do - have the computer serviced? Does it mean, that I have lost valuable data? The answer is: NO! NO! Read on to learn how to repair NTLDR and recover your data.

To fix the missing NTLDR file we will need a Windows XP CD.

1. There is a message on the screen of our monitor:

Wkładamy teraz płytę z systemem Windows XP do napędu CD/DVD i wciskamy kombinację klawiszy Ctrl Alt Delete. 2. Powinien zostać uruchomiony instalator systemu Windows XP. Jeśli tak się nie stało należy zmienić kolejność napędów w BIOS’ie. For this purpose, let's read the instructions: Set the boot order for drives in the BIOS.3. Press the key R. Po chwili zostanie uruchomiona Microsoft Windows XP Recovery Console. We are asked to enter which system installation we want to log in to. In the case of one operating system, by default it is installation no 1, so we press on the keyboard 1, and then Enter. 4. Podajemy hasło administratora i wciskamy klawisz Enter – jeżeli nie ustawialiśmy hasła nic tutaj nie wpisujemy tylko wciskamy klawisz Enter.

5. Zostaliśmy poprawnie zalogowani:

We enter the command: copy d:\i386ntldr c:\ i wciskamy klawisz Enter.

d:\ - indicates the drive letter of the system CD. If the command with d:\ won't work, use the next letters: e:\ f:\ g:\ h:\ etc.. c:\ - means the drive letter on which windows is installed. The default is this c:\ - we read this letter from the console: C:\WINDOWS> - the preceding letter :\WINDOWS> is the letter of our drive. 5. If the we type the command: copy d:\i386 c:\ i wciskamy klawisz Enter. If we have other drive letters, we apply analogously the instruction z 4 point by entering the letters of the corresponding disks / drives. That's all. We finish work with the console by typing the command: exit, remove the disc from the drive and press the key Enter - the computer will restart.

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