Best gaming graphics cards in 2020 r.

Best gaming graphics cards in 2020 r.

Below are the best gaming graphics cards for the right money.

The best graphics card is at the heart of any gaming PC, but the term, what is “the best” can be difficult. There is no one solution, which would be suitable for everyone: some want the fastest graphics card, others of the best value, and many are looking for the best card for a given price. Performance balancing, Great price for, features and performance is important, because no other component affects your gaming experience as much as your graphics card.

We test and check all major GPUs, and we've placed each graphics card in the hierarchy of our GPU benchmarks. We also conducted extensive testing of graphics card power consumption using appropriate hardware, and looked at the wider spread of AMD and Nvidia GPUs. For these, who do not have a top-class Intel processor, We also tested the top ten GPUs in use today on Ryzen 9 3900X from AMD and we compared performance with the same GPUs, which work on Core i9-9900K. Here, we've limited ourselves to a concise list of the best graphics cards, currently available for purchase.

We introduced 10 options for the best graphics cards, recognizing, that there are many possibilities for overlapping. also, Nvidia has just resigned from GeForce RTX 3080, which blows away the competition at a lower price than the outgoing RTX 2080 You. You can also see, like RTX 3080 scales with CPU performance. Tip: You'll want to do something in the past few years, best with at least 6 cores and 12 threads. New GeForce RTX chips are also coming 3090 i GeForce RTX 3070, whose premiere will take place 24 September and 15 October, with respect – all using the new Ampere architecture. Big Navi AMD will appear 28 October (or at least it will be revealed), and Intel's Xe HPG, though HPG won't show up here before 2021 a year.

If you want to buy a new high-performance graphics processor, no one should pay more for hardware today, which will soon become obsolete. Perhaps we are seeing a few drops in prices on existing product lines, but at least Nvidia likes to stop, and the prices of many PC components are rising, possibly due to COVID-19 deficiencies. With the advent of RTX 3080 and Ampere, basically everyone, who is looking at the price 400 dollars or higher, should either buy RTX 3080, or wait for release 3070 and Big Navi, then make a decision. Maybe we can even buy RTX 3060 or RTX 3060 Ti before the end 2020 year.

Our current recommendations reflect the changing GPU market, taking into account all the above factors. GPUs are mainly ordered by performance, but the price, features and performance are still factors, so in a few cases a slightly slower card may be classified higher. We expect, that in the next few weeks there will, of course, be a huge shock at the top of the performance charts.

Quick shopping tips

You should take note of this when purchasing a graphics card, what is important:

– Resolution: The more pixels you use, the more performance you need. You don't need a top-notch graphics processor, to play 1080p.
– Power Supply: make sure, that your power supply has enough power and adequate 6- and / or an 8-pin connector. E.g, Nvidia recommends a 650 watt power supply for the RTX 2070 Super, and for this you need two 8- and / or 6-pin PEG connectors.
– Video memory: A 4GB card is currently the minimum, 6GB models are better, and 8GB or more is strongly recommended.
– FreeSync or G-Sync? Variable refresh rate technology will synchronize the frame rate per second of your GPU with your screen's refresh rate. If your monitor supports G-Sync (Find recommendations on our list of the Best Game Monitors), you'll need a GeForce GPU. AMD's FreeSync technology works with Radeon cards, and Nvidia has certified some FreeSync monitors as G-Sync compatible.

A short list of the best graphics cards

Graphics Card Performance Ranking Value (fps / $)
RTX 3080 1 (142 fps) 7 ($699?)
RTX 2080 You 2 (118 fps) 10 ($1,140)
RTX 2080 Super 3 (102 fps) 9 ($700)
RTX 2070 Super 4 (91 fps) 8($500)
RX 5700 XT 5 (87 fps) 4 ($360)
RTX 2060 Super 6 (77 fps) 6 ($370)
RX 5600 XT 7 (71 fps) 2 ($260)
RTX 2060 8 (68 fps) 5 ($295)
GTX 1660 Super 9 (58 fps) 3 ($230)
GTX 1650 Super 10 (43 fps) 1 ($160)