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Lost Ark is a multiplayer game in a fantasy world. It is co-created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. It was released in South Korea 4 of December 2019 r. The game was also released in Europe and the Americas 11 February 2022 year, where it is published by Amazon Games. Within 24 hours since its release has become the second most played game on Steam.

Lost Ark won six gaming awards in different categories at the Korea Game Awards 2019. Developing the game cost about 85,4 million dollars.

Lost Ark focuses primarily on enemy combat and exploration (Quests, the hunt for achievements / Collections, Crafting, etc.), but it also includes player vs. player elements. Players start by customizing their character, which they can then improve by completing the story. Reaching the level 50 unlocks access to multi-level dungeons and raids in the final game, at which point all further progress is related to the result of the character's inventory.

At the time of opening, the optimization is decent and as long as you follow the recommended specs, you can play smoothly. Even with a computer with a quad-core or higher processor i 16 gigabytes of RAM released after 2011 year, The frame rate drops a bit in the situation, when there was a large-scale battle. But you can see, that the official requirements are extremely high at QHD resolution or higher and it is estimated, that this has been explained on the basis of a full warranty 60 frames. In the real situation, you can play smoothly with the FHD resolution specifications, Intel processor 6. generation or later , Ryzen or newer AMD and GTX1060 processor based on the best of all options. A graphics card is recommended for UHD or higher resolution 2080 or higher. A feature is that, that the Radeon graphics card is excluded from the required specification, but the old API is used (DX9). Except that, that there is no way to control the activation of forced vertical synchronization. The performance problem is so serious, it's much better to run it entirely in DXVK. Little advantage, that vertical sync can also be turned off using the DXVK configuration, to bonus. In fact , unlike Starcraft 2 , DXVK performance is higher in GeForce. And vice versa, is said to be, that there are cases, where DXVK does not work and you need to use Radeon lag protection. After updating DirectX support 11 implemented at the end of December 2021, is expected, that these problems will be significantly solved.