Laptop or netbook?

The miniaturization of computers has come this far, that she stopped. Nor do large desktops shrink anymore, not even mobile phones, and this is mainly due to the fact, that the next step would be detrimental to the user's comfort and functionality of the device. Nevertheless, Internet and ground stores are full of telecommunications and computer equipment at all scales known to us. We can watch movies on micro screens of smartphones or on 50-inch LCD TVs. You can even write on almost anything today.

Hence one of the most popular purchasing dilemmas in recent years, that is, the difficulty of choosing between a netbook and a traditional laptop. Both of these devices, although they are actually designed for completely different purposes, they not only complement each other perfectly. Nay, they are one step away from being surrogate goods, hence the trouble.

Tim, what characterizes netbooks, is their exceptional mobility. The average netbook has a screen size equal to 10 cali, therefore it even fits in a medium-sized women's handbag, and most of all it is incredibly light.
However, it turns out, that in most cases the netbook turns out to be uncomfortable, the keyboard is too small, to write comfortably, the touchpad also does not allow you to freely operate the cursor, and the screen and performance leave much to be desired.

Most of us then miss the classic model. Under such circumstances, an ordinary laptop would allow us to freely operate all our resources, under his hands, he would develop a comfortable full-size keyboard and allow us to comfortably watch a movie in full hd quality.

However, the laptop also has its drawbacks, the largest of which are weight related to size and price. While the netbook will please our eyes with its presence for less 1000 PLN, to enjoy a working laptop, we have to spend more or less twice as much.

It is impossible to tell, which devices: laptop, or a netbook, is the better. A lot depends on the specific situation, in which we found ourselves and from our expectations. Therefore, it is not surprising, that so many of us have abandoned this difficult choice in the most unexpected ways: making each other bigger, as well as a smaller model.