The BIOS is the primary system found on every motherboard. It includes, among others. hardware settings of our computer. It can happen more than once, that we will need to change these settings, then you will need access to the BIOS. W tym poradniku znajdziemy informację jak wejść do BIOS’u używając odpowiednich klawiszy na laptopie, as well as a desktop PC.

To enter the BIOS - turn on the computer and during its startup (before starting Windows) press the appropriate key or a combination of them. Depending on the computer motherboard we have, and BIOS version, the keys responsible for accessing it may differ. Below is a list of key combinations depending on the manufacturer of the laptop / motherboard / BIOS version: ABIT – Del Acer – F2 lub Ctrl Alt Esc ASUS – Del lub F2 ASRock – F2 American Megatrends (WHICH) – Del lub F1 AST Advantage, Tandon – Ctrl Alt Esc Award – Del lub F1 Compaq – F10, gdy na ekranie w górnym rogu pojawi się mały kwadrat Dell – Del, F2, F1, Ctrl Alt Enter, wcisnąć Reset dwa razy DFI – Del lub F8 Gigabyte – Del MSI – Del Hewlett Packard - F1, F2, gdy pojawi się logo HP lub F10 dla nowszych wersji IBM - F1, Ins (press and hold both mouse buttons) NEC, Packard Bell, Amax, Micron, Aptiva, Sharp - F1, F2 Phoenix BIOS - F1, F2, Ctrl Alt Ins, Ctrl S, Ctrl Alt Esc, Ctrl Alt S, Ctrl Alt Enter, Del Sony – F3 potem F1 lub F2 Toshiba – Esc, F1, F2 Zenith – Ctrl Alt Ins Powstają coraz to nowsze kombinacje uruchamiające program konfiguracyjny. If the above combinations do not work, you can try the following: Ctrl Q, Ctrl S, Alt S, Esc, Alt Esc, Ctrl Alt Esc, Ctrl Alt Enter, Ctrl Alt F8, Ctrl Alt Ins, Ctrl Alt Q, Ctrl Alt S, Ctrl Alt D, Ctrl Alt P, CtrlEsc, Ctrl Shift S.

Usually, when starting the computer, we can find information about. what keys should be used to enter BIOS Setup. You just need to find the informationBIOS Setup.

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