Henry Stickmin

Henry Stickmin

Henry Stickmin is the titular main character of The Henry Stickmin series. As the main character, he is the only character, that has appeared in every game / episode of the series. Depending on your choices, Henry becomes either a successful government agent, bounty hunter, part of a criminal organization (as its leader or recruit), cyborgiem, or owner of a space center, or continues his criminal ways, alone or with a partner.

Unlucky, but happy at the same time, Henry started out as an insignificant thief, to earn some quick cash, changing into a money bag and breaking into a bank. After breaking out of West Mesa Prison, his life is changing fast, and after successfully stealing the Tunisian Diamond, he becomes a somewhat famous criminal. The government then addresses him, who proposes that all charges against Henry be dropped, if he helps him take down the famous and infamous Clan Toppat.

Some time later Henry Stickmin he is imprisoned in The Wall complex, until he manages to escape, or by yourself, with a friend of an inmate named Ellie Rose, or with “help” The Toppat clan or his friend Charles. After escaping from The Wall, Henry is given a new assignment; is to overcome or help (depends on the player) Klanu Toppat, who plan to take themselves and their jewels to the space station by rocket, and never be found, slow, to attack any place on Earth with ease without fear of governments trying to destroy them.


Henry wears brown shoes. If he becomes the new Toppat leader, wears a black hat with a gold dollar chain. As long as he joins them, wears a dark blue hat with a gold one “H”.

In conclusion “Revenged”, Henry receives cybernetic abilities from Dr.. Vinschpinsilstien. This includes the metal left arm and spine.

Breaking the Bank

In his first speech, Henry tries to break into (seemingly) a randomly located bank / cult in the middle of the desert. This is where he begins to show off his iconic failures. In his trial and error, he uses a shovel to dig a tunnel, explosives, laser drill, wreck ball, teleporter and finally a disguise. All the tools, which he uses, beyond disguise, they shoot back at him. Although this disguise also leads to his imprisonment, others end up hurting; but, unlike the failures of other games, they are considered canonical, because Henryk is listed as “many cuts and bruises” i “enough beating” in Escape from Prison.

When Henry puts on a disguise (basically just an empty money bag), crawls into him, ties it from the inside and lies on the side of the road. A truck from a local bank stops, and the drivers, Winston Davis i Ted McAdams, thinking, that another group had dropped her, takes the bag and drives it to the bank, putting it in the vault. Henry happily comes out of the bag, but accidentally triggers an alarm, and then gets jailed for attempted robbery.

Escaping the Prison

After Henry was arrested, the package appears out of nowhere (because of a CCC member named Ellias Bahtchin, which a year later corrected a multiple anomaly of imbalance). Dave Panpa sees the package, and Rupert Price calls him, and then Dave gives him a package, reminding Rupert, that's for Henry.

The next part of Henry's story begins with him at West Mesa Correctional Facility. Rupert and Dave get his attention, Rupert is playing with him, saying, that he is free, and then laughs at him, saying, that he was joking. Then they give him a package, which he received, mentioning, that they already checked, if there is anything useful. However, Dave did not actually check this package. When they go away, Henry opens the box, to find a cake, which opens and has something inside. Henry only reaches for the cake for that, to find and use a few tools to your advantage.

Sneaky Escapist

Henry finds the file in the cake and decides to assemble the cell strips, to escape. Then he is attacked by both policemen, who gave him “cake”. After that, when both of them smash the barge, who folded, two other policemen come out of the elevator and see Henry. He quickly enters the closet and uses the chair, to climb into the air channel. From there he gets to the prison roof. Henry spots the crate, which has one last tool for him – pistons. Uses pistons, to slowly climb the walls of the prison and finally escapes back to the desert, slow.

Lawyered Up

Henry finds the cell in the cake and calls his lawyer, Felixa White’a. In court, while Vladimir VonBraun mocks him, Feliks shows the judge, Hubertowi Brownowi, a bag of costumes and tells him: “The knot was tied on the outside of the bag”. The attorney then shows Doctor's Analysis and recalls, that Henry was beaten, bruised, and claims, that he was stuffed there, when the witness was unconscious. Felix then told Hubert this: “Winston tried to get rid of Henry, but he left it in the bag knowing, when they go back to the bank, but when the witness and his partner passed through the bag, convinced his partner, to put it in the bag with Henry inside, together with other bags”. Hubert asked: “Why would Winston do this?”, and Felix explained, that “he tried to get rid of the body” and showed recordings from security cameras, to explain, that the witness victim woke up, then he thought, that it was all over, but now he's back, to visit him. Winston just screams about it, what Felix said and he is arrested, and Henry is released from prison after that, how Hubert delivered the verdict, that Henry is not guilty. A minute later another armored truck drives by and Henry starts chasing him.

Badass Bust Out

Henry pulls out a large drill, which he uses to drill into the floor to the room below him. Finds a crowbar, which opens the drain hole in the floor, to crawl into the ventilation system. Unfortunately, it falls from the vent into a heavily guarded room. Two guards chase him and shoot him, when he runs, and he manages to escape. After all, he is in a duel against the prison's chief captain, Edowi Robertsowi. There is a small glance down and finally, the boss opens fire. Henry quickly dodges every shot except one, which he catches and throws away, breaking Robert's rifle in two. Then Henry is released from prison, steals a police car and goes to the desert. Later, Henry keeps this car in his home garage, together with the blue scooter.

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