Google does not index pages with a source encoded in cipher?

Google does not index pages with a source encoded in cipher?

I created the website, which by 4 years or 5 years, she was in the first places in google under the phrase “microeconomics tutoring”. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and coded the source code of the page in html cipher. At one point, I got my bearings, that my website is not indexed by google at all. I got scared and reloaded the unencrypted version of my site onto the server. I'm waiting now, to the Google robot, so that he would finally see,that my website is no longer coded and that everything is as it used to be. I'm doing okay?? In what time period and whether googlebot will visit my website at all??Can this process be somehow accelerated?? best regards and hope for a quick response.


First of all, we advise you to use the w3c i validator poprawienie wszystkich błędów w kodzie. Usually, Google can and does a good job of indexing the code even with errors, but it's always good to make it as easy as possible for him.


It's about errors of the type:


  • There are errors in the head section, e.g.. I see the page title inserted twice <title></title>.
  • The name of the tag “key words” spelled without spaces.
  • Some meta tags are not closed.
  • Marker <input> it is not closed.
  • e.t.c.


Witryna ma się rozumieć must comply with the guidelines of the Google search engine:

The page is already added to Google Webmaster Tools, so after making corrections in the code, we suggest using the option “Download as Googlebot” in the bookmark “Laboratory” to check for any errors.


Warto również create an XML sitemap i zgłosić ją za pomocą Narzędzi Webmastera Google.


After completing the above few steps, it is worth trying to get a few links to the page. It's not about a lot of links, it is also not about linking by one keyword or another. It is about directing Googleboot to the site in order to read its content again.


Jeśli po miesiącu nadal nie będzie żadnego efektu pomimo wprowadzenia powyższych zmian i zgodności witryny z wytycznymi wyszukiwarki wówczas można zgłosić a request to reconsider the site.