What is online backup??

Backup is an extremely versatile concept, which is usually confused by Internet users with similar solutions. These errors are not entirely unfounded, because assumptions, the ones we present to you here have some hallmarks of a backup. However, all these issues do not meet all the characteristics of online backup.

Protection is the key word at this point. Let's look at a specific example taken straight from real life: if we take a RAID array, the fundamental difference is the way the files are saved; mirroring is nothing but actual duplication, and backup, therefore, mirroring the system state in one, at a certain point in time. We can conclude from this, that the matrix is ​​only a method of saving and storing data, however, it does not protect against dangers such as. like accidentally overwriting files. Therefore, this solution is not treated as a complete data protection.

Data archiving is an extremely systematically confused topic with backup. The main purpose of archiving is to classify data into selected categories, in this way that the person using them could find interesting resources at any time. In the case of archiving, the original data is transported from one place to another, and if we are talking about data backup, the initial files always remain in the previous place, and their backup is deposited on various external devices. What disables archiving as a backup copy is only one existing version of the data.

What can still be mistakenly considered a backup? Version editing, is another concept that is misunderstood as a type of backup. You should know, that data versioning is just the accumulation of different versions of the same file. We also can't call a backup by keeping your data on another partition of the same disk - remember, that in the event of a carrier failure, files stored on all of its partitions will be at risk.