The concept of a computer system

Witam Cię w dziale COMPUTER SYSTEMS poruszymy w nim kilka ciekawych informacji.

Undoubtedly, the operating system is closely related to the architecture of the computer. After starting the OS computer, I perform the first stage - initialization. Then the so-called. break (from the software). Każde przerwanie ma

DMA driver

DMA - Direct memory access, i.e. operating input / output devices without processor supervision.

Perhaps for a start, let's imagine the situation, let's assume, that I need a processor 5 micro seconds to handle interrupts and they are coming every 10 Microseconds. You see, że nie pozostaje dużo

The structure of memory

In this article, we'll talk about the structure of memory.

PAO's fleeting memory (took to drive) it is undoubtedly available for the processor, communication is done using store and load statements. - here I am referring to the architecture of computers, I will also mention,że procesor pobiera automatem instrukcję do