Asus - new, tri-band Wi-Fi router

Is that a surprise, that Asus is launching a three-band market, gigabit wireless router? I don't think so. The Asus company is known for the production of good quality routers. What has this producer prepared for us this time? This is RT-AC3200, which has dual 802.11ac bands 5 GHz and one band 802.11n 2,4 GHz. All these bands are to provide quite a lot of bandwidth. An interesting fact is the use of technologies such as: Tri-Band Smart Connect, whose task is to allocate bandwidth to devices and AiRadar responsible for greater signal coverage. But this is just the beginning.

The router presented by Asus has six detachable antennas, which operate in a 3 × 3 configuration. The specially made design of the device makes, that you can get speed on each of the 802.11ac 5GHz bands 1300 Mbit/s, which gives us a total speed 2600 Mbit/s. In addition, RT-AC3200 uses Broadcom TurboQAM technology, which speeds up the connection on the 802.11n band 2,4 GHz z 450 Mbit / s up to 600 Mbit/s. Summing up: the total data transfer speed of this device is 3200 Mbit/s. This is three times the throughput of a wired Gigabit Ethernet network.

Particular attention should be paid to Tri-band Smart Connect, which is a technology that intelligently selects the optimal band for each device with Wi-Fi connectivity based on its speed, signal strength and traffic volume. In this case, the user does not have to decide what band to use, because it happens automatically. In addition, the Asus router provides intelligent traffic management and monitoring. What does it mean? Well, we're talking about adaptive QoS, which is a function, which independently assigns priorities and bandwidth to devices or applications. Thanks to this option, we get extremely smooth streaming of HD movies, grę online bez tak zwanych „lagów”, clear voice during Skeyp calls and the ability to browse websites, as well as downloading files without any delay. It's not bad already, and here is Traffic Analyzer, which is a new feature introduced by Asus to its device allowing you to look at it, what was happening on the network during the day, a week or a month. Thanks to this option, we can also check how much bandwidth a given user has used, application or device, and this in turn will help to eliminate bottlenecks in the network connection. It is an ideal solution for parents, who want to keep an eye on what children are doing on the internet, and also for employers, who can thus check which pages have been visited by their employees. They care about safety 4 functions: Router Security Scan, Malicious Site Blocking, Vulnerability Protection, Infected Device Detection and Blocking.