What to do to display images in Google Images?

What to do to display images in Google Images? Is it possible to position images and is it profitable?.

Podstawową sprawą dla zapewnienia widoczności obrazków z Twojej strony w wynikach wyszukiwania jest enabling them to be indexed by the search engine robot. Pierwszym krokiem jest zatem przeanalizowanie pliku robots.txt i sprawdzenie czy nie zawiera on formuły blokującej dostęp robotów wyszukiwarki do katalogu w którym gromadzone są obrazy. The second important thing is to ensure the correct size and format of the image files. The best indexed by search engine robots are standard images used in building websites, a więc .gif, .jpg. i .png.
Other formats and heavy photos should be avoided. Google can index images even larger than 1MB, but it is not advisable to include photos of this size for many reasons, not only related to the search engine, ale z użytecznością strony. The optimal weight of the photo is below 200KB.

Important for the visibility of graphics in the Google image search engine is also embedding photos on the page and their correct description and signing. Each picture, that we want to appear in the image search results should be described with the alt tag, signed with a short text containing a description of the photo and surrounded by text referring to the content of the image. Providing the elements described above is in most cases sufficient for the effective positioning of images.

The presence of images in the search results is always positive (I guess, that they are images, which we do not want to share) however, it is not always worth emphasizing the visibility of photos from our website in the image search engine. Please note, że udostępnienie grafiki robotowi wyszukiwarki wiąże się ze increasing the transfer generowanego przy pobieraniu obrazków przez robota wyszukiwarki. The presence of images from our website in the images.google.pl search engine does not always bring tangible benefits to our website, which are able to cover the costs of the increased transfer.

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