C ++ program

C ++ program

Program in C language + + is a function with the standard name main and as a function it can take parameters and return a result. The program consists of:

• compiler directives,

• program header,

• an instruction block.

The program header specifies the type of parameter passed to the program (placed in parentheses) and the type of the value that the program returns to the environment. If the program does not accept parameters and returns no results, the name of the return value type and the name of the parameter type are marked with a keyword void. The program block contains declarations, definitions and statements and is enclosed in curly braces { }. The structure of such a program is as follows:

# include <filename_nagl_stand> //compiler directive

void main(void)//program header

{…}// program block

A program can be broken down into parts called modules.

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