The problem with the letters Y and Z

The problem with the letters Y and Z.

I think, that has probably happened to most of us, that at some point the keyboard “she went crazy”, and the symptom was, for example, displaying the letter "Z" when pressing the "Y" key and vice versa, or mixing other letters and characters.

Means, that keyboard (due… accidentally pressing certain keys) switched in mode QWERTZ z trybu domyślnego (desired), czyli QWERTY. Some at this point ... reset the computer. Inni resetują proces explorer.exe i uruchamiają go ponownie.

Generally, both mentioned quite radical methods are in a sense correct because they lead to the disappearance of the problem - as they say, the end justifies the means. Jednak wspomniany problem with the letters Y and Z nie jest konsekwencją problemów z systemem operacyjnym, keyboard or software we use. Problem jest banalny i zależy od dwóch klawiszy – CTRL i SHIFT (whether right or not, or left versions).


If you encounter the problem described here, do not restart your computer, do not disable processes or programs, don't format the drive either. Po prosty naciśnij jednocześnie klawisze CTRL i SHIFT i będzie po problemie !!!

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