Page indexing

Page indexing.

Merely creating a page is not a guarantee yet, that she will be noticed by Google, especially that it will be displayed in the search results after entering the keywords we are interested in.

Jeżeli nie udaje nam się natrafić w Google na naszą stronę, it could mean, that it has not yet been indexed, the robot has not visited her so far, and the search engine probably doesn't even know about its existence. After building the website, it should be submitted to the search engine index, on Google, you can do it at:


It may take some time, before the page is indexed, that's why it's worth starting to get links to it. It is thanks to them that search engine robots move to different pages and thus also examine newly created ones. When such a robot encounters a link to a new page on an already indexed page, will follow him, to see her. After a few to several days, the page will be visible.

If, however, we want, positioning the page for specific keywords, then we have to consider, whether it has been optimized in this respect, created in accordance with Google recommendations. Then we should start getting links pointing to the site. However, you cannot overdo it with their amount, it can definitely hurt your new website. The whole process requires a lot of time and focus on "promoting", not "spamming". Therefore, it is worth considering, whether to outsource this task to the positioner, who will propose possible changes and take care of obtaining links.

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