How to get a canvas texture in Photoshop

How to get a canvas texture in Photoshop

Hello, in this tutorial I will show you how you can easily get a canvas effect on an image using Adobe Photoshop.

You will need two layers plus one with the image to make the texture of the canvas, which will be at the very bottom.

  1. Fill both empty layers with black, then we apply a filter on them -> Pixel -> Mezzotint(Filter-> Pixelate ->Mezzotint ).

2. Setting Text (Type) on Tiny Dots (Fine Dots).

3. Then we use Filter->Blur->Movement (Filter->Blur->Motion Blur)

4.We set the Distance (Distance) already 40, and the angle on one layer 90 degrees, and on the other 0.

5.At this point, we should have two such layers, but one will have vertical lines and the other will have horizontal lines:

6.Change the visibility of the layers to 10-20%, and below them we put the selected image:

That's it for this tutorial. Thank you and see you later.

One thought on “How to get a canvas texture in Photoshop”

  1. Taa, very nice, but why do such a cosmetic procedure on the whole picture? Imagine the situation, that we want to create a graphic that would imitate the image. The texture of the canvas then goes to the bottom, apples above. Moreover, objects to be 'painted' must imitate the texture of the paint (+transparency). Next, to make the picture credible, the amount of substance applied to the canvas should be taken into account (different transparency). Good tutorial, but its length is, with all due respect, taking the easy way 🙂
    Let's try to bite the problem from the other side:
    The gods created CorelPainter, where all these goodies are implemented. I want to paint? I choose 'Artsist's Oils' and in the subgroup 'Blender Bristle', painting. I want an imitation of paper? I choose from 'Windows / Libary Palettes / Papers / [I choose paper]‘, what's more, I can apply texture to apples that have already been painted (Effects / Apply surface texture) and paint after them, smooth, apply subsequent "layers", subsequent textures.
    One of the biggest advantages of CP is the fact, that we can put various paper textures under the painting and paint it as if on one layer.
    The drawback is this, that CP is a typical program for Digital Painting.

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