Adding a watermark (logo) at Gimp at a glance, looks like an instruction for people with a higher degree of initiation, but these are only appearances. The whole process takes really little time, and it's worth marking your photos against theft.

In an era of free photo banks, it might seem, that the theft of photos will not take place - oh naive one, who thinks so. I thought so myself. Until one day, in which on one small blog post fanpejżżu I saw a photo of a well-known and liked blogger. The author was not marked. A red warning light flashed in my head. I decided to react and ask politely, whether the author has consented to the use of her photo. After a few minutes, I looked at that profile and ...? The photo was gone, so the answer to my question is obvious. On the one hand, good, that this person quickly reflected, on the other hand, it terrifies me, How easily people take what not theirs - because like on the Internet, it's nobody's anymore? No. I remembered Karolina's entry "MILK IS FROM THE STORE, A GRAPHICS WITH GOOGLE ", which I recommend reading. This is just a long introduction, and now it's time for the instruction.


Open the photo in the program. Następnie otwórz okno przybornika (Ctrl+B) oraz warstw (Ctrl+L).

Now open the logo as a layer. Taking shortcuts, wciśnij klawisze Ctrl + Alt + O - in the window, which will be displayed, choose your logo, by clicking on them twice, lub raz i wybór potwierdź "Open".

Such a small aesthetic note - the logo will look better, if it has a transparent background.

The name of the newly opened layer appears in the layers window. If it is highlighted in gray, means, that it is the active layer, where you can make changes. As you can see, the logo has settled in the middle and is way too big.

The next step is to reduce this object and move it to the right place.

SCALING: in the toolbox, select the marked location, then click the logo with the cursor. In the new window, use the arrows or by typing to set any size. Pay attention to whether the clasp is connected, only in this way will the object shrink proportionally. You can confirm the reduction by clicking "Rescale".

TRANSFER: przy przenoszeniu obiektu, pay attention to the cursor. If you don't put it in the right place, then you will move the base image layer. Correctly placed cursor - exactly on the object (inscription) and incorrectly - on a transparent field.

Transparency is set in the layers window. You can skip this step, if the logo is to be fully visible.

SAVING: actually exporting. We're taking shortcuts again Shift+Ctrl+E - in the window, which pops up, enter the name of your photo and change the format, if you need. Finally click "Export".

You tag your photos, are you skipping this step completely? You met with “borrowing” someone else's photo? You reacted or not?