We check the IT dictionary - online backup

We check the IT dictionary - online backup

Online backup is a very versatile concept, which in most cases is confused by Internet users with similar solutions. These mistakes are not entirely unfounded, for tools, które poniżej wam zaprezentujemy

The premiere of NVIDIA RTX 30X0 graphics cards – Faster, Bigger, Better

Two years have passed since then, when we last saw the new gaming graphics processor from NVIDIA, because last year's supercomputers were just a breakthrough in the RTX series 2000 from 2018 year. Gamers have long been waiting for the RTX series to appear 3000 …

DMA driver

DMA - Direct memory access, i.e. operating input / output devices without processor supervision.

Perhaps for a start, let's imagine the situation, let's assume, that I need a processor 5 micro seconds to handle interrupts and they are coming every 10 Microseconds. See, że nie pozostaje dużo